T I M E Q U A K E (2.0): Tamar Zehava Tabori

Thu. October 14th 2021 - Sun. October 24th 2021
Tamar Zehava Tabori | 5 min | Canada | 2021

T I M E Q U A K E (2.0) shares a name with the novel by Kurt Vonnegut, whose science-fiction worlds build upon an already dystopian reality with dark humour and wit. The invented term refers to a disturbance in the flow of time. Two decades after the novel’s timequake occurs on the tail of Y2K, I find the term echoing in my mind and expressing a fundamental truth about the texture of our current moment. Rather than a global computer crisis, we are navigating a new computer-based reality in the face of a global crisis.

Tamar Tabori is a Canadian-Israeli contemporary dance artist and experimental filmmaker interested in interdisciplinary collaboration. She received a BFA in Contemporary Dance from Montreal’s Concordia University, and has created and performed work across Canada. Her short films have been screened internationally, at festivals such as F-O-R-M, NorthWest Film Forum, Art Volt: Watch and Listen and Moving Images ScreenDance Festival. Tamar is interested in the documentation of dance, having done archival work for organizations such as Kaeja d’Dance and Flamenco Rosario and at present holds positions as a video archivist for videocan, as well as the Youth Curator for F-O-R-M (Festival of Recorded Movement). She maintains an active engagement with the dance community, locally, nationally and internationally, using digital platforms as sites of creative exchange and connectivity. As an artist, she seeks to intrigue and engage, exploring the tension between the ephemeral dancing body and the ostensible permanence of digital landscapes.

This work is being presented as part of the 24th annual Antimatter [media art]
Encompassing screenings, installations, performances and media hybrids, Antimatter provides a noncompetitive setting in Victoria, British Columbia, free from commercial and industry agendas.

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