Inward and Outward

Sun. November 21st 2021 - Sun. December 12th 2021
This mixed media piece (2m x 0.55m) is a self portrait. It is about my awareness which focuses on my mind, spirit and self, while also paying attention to nature and the universe. This allowed me to embrace my inner thoughts, feelings and moods, in tandem with the ever-changing world events.
The length of the piece is 2 metres as an acknowledgement of the global standard for social distancing, in contrast to the width which is the width of my own physical body.
The coloured metallic ink is a representation of my mood through the daily practise of colour-coding how I felt at the time. The ink runs as free-flowing vertical lines taking their own path in the confines of the 2-metre distancing and shoulder-width reference.
The black-ink tracing of my body was made on watercolour paper that was soaked in moon water from the Pink and Sap full moons. The black ink conveys the heaviness of the situation at the time, both personally and globally as the pandemic continued on.
The individual pieces were combined together by weaving. The weave expresses part of my daily art practises and is a snippet of my spiritual ritual. The melding of these pieces portrays both public and private themes in a playful yet thoughtful manner. This combination displays how we weave ourselves into the fabric of society. Who we are the inward and outward.
Tracey Farrington is a contemporary, interdisciplinary artist who has wheat in her heart and saltwater in her soul. She holds a Masters in Photographic Arts, and is an international photographic judge. She has had a unique career path breaking down gender barriers and advocating for equality. A dream coach and reiki master, she is unapologetically known as the Princess of Awesomeness.

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