Concrescence: Paul Schmitke

Sat. August 6th 2022 - Sun. August 28th 2022
If you are unsure of what a Concrescence is, get together with a friend to discuss it. You act out what you know not.
My wife often criticizes my Concrescences saying they are instead, “explosions”... play it backwards and watch the Big Bang collide.
Painting can be hard like that. Sometimes I’m unsure if it will all come together - then I remember it’s a Concrescence, that’s what they do.

about the artist:
There are places inside the mind, grand architectures undefined: Temporal Worlds & Astral Planes. I seek to describe these higher dimensional landscapes in the natural world through materiality, visual language and symbology.
I am drawn to fractals, sacred geometry, and also the numbers 3, 6, and 9... I am wary of 4. I love 7, of course!
I stand in awe of nature, both micro and macro; particularly in the abstract moments in which they appear as one.
I am perplexed by the cosmic giggle, synchronicities and paradoxes - though I try to embrace them all. Panta Rhei!
I believe in the alchemical power of Art. When a material object invokes an emotional response, to me, this is gold.

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