Hello Earth: Vjosana Shkurti

Thu. October 20th 2022 - Sun. October 30th 2022
Hello Earth is a three-way conversation between the artist, a candle and a lightbulb on a dimmer, in a personal attempt to go back in time through interactions of light. At times, electrical light weighs upon our eyes with its tyrannical demand for attention. But when the power is out, we experience a freedom that lets us return to simpler and gentler ways of illumination. This return, though nurturing and devoid of excess, is only temporary. We are eventually forced to accept the irreversibility of technological complexity we have created.

Vjosana Shkurti is a filmmaker based in Montreal. Born in Albania and raised in Greece, her artistic work explores aspects of origin, memory and relationships with technology. She has a background in architectural design, which informs her approach towards perspective, framing and scale. She has created experimental films that merge abstraction with reality, fiction with documentary, human bodies with technological counterparts. Her focus has been the camera and its performative potential as an active participant/character in cinema. She actively engages with the sound design of her pieces to alter the experience of what is seen.

This installation is part of the 2022 Antimatter Festival
Encompassing screenings, installations, performances and media hybrids, Antimatter provides a noncompetitive setting in Victoria, British Columbia, free from commercial and industry agendas.
As in the past two years, Antimatter 2022 is a hybrid IRL/online event: nightly in-person screenings or performances at Deluge Contemporary Art followed by online access to each program for 24 hours the next day.

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