Reposition: David Martinello

Sat. November 26th 2022 - Sat. December 17th 2022
Reposition employs the gestural values of wood to consider the material’s essence. Placed within the architecture of the MoCL’s Window Gallery the morphology of the form behaves like a specimen to stage an appraisal of its own. Planar space and the organic work together to highlight the value of wood’s agency and the influence it has in our surroundings.


David Martinello is a multidisciplinary artist who investigates the characteristics of wood. His work is motivated by the development of techniques as a way to celebrate wood’s influence and muse with its agency. Martinello ventures to activate the legacy of wood so that its tactility can behave as a tool for contemplation, a way to identify with the environment and materiality of all things.
Martinello’s practice is informed by a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queen's University and years building furniture with his company Alternative Woodworks. Martinello has curated several shows in BC, owned a gallery and his art has been shown across Canada with a sculpture permanently displayed at the Cowichan Community Centre.


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