Untitled: Brian Grison

Sun. January 29th 2023 - Sun. February 26th 2023
Untitled, 2022
gesso and acrylic on canvas on birch panel, 48 x 36 inches

I have never been a figurative artist. I did not enjoy or do well at figure drawing or painting in art school. My latest project, the artist-and-model, is therefore an unexpected development for me and my art practice. The relationship between the artist and model and their connection to most aspects of society, began about 30,000 years ago, and is still controversial today. This broad subject is the focus of my current project.

These new voices and narratives in my thinking, are a challenge to my art-making. In the conceptual issues of this project, the dialogue between the female model and the male artist, and their conversation with me, is a theme that reaches back to Ancient Greece. As well, the relationship between the viewer and the posing female model is central to the meaning and purpose of much contemporary art. It is also one of the dominant themes of modern advertising.

In this particular painting, I enlarge the role of the model. She still encompasses the ancient notion that the first art teacher was female. Now, she is also instrumental in the life of a youngster discovering the ambition of becoming an artist.

Brian Grison http://www.briangrison.com
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