A Call To Come Back: Meg Kockx

Sun. February 26th 2023 - Sun. March 19th 2023
Diptych portraits combining photography and digital manipulation. Laser Print

The hybrid, fragmented bodies intend to share a sense of displacement that can occur
within the body. This series portrays the body as a manifestation of equivalent to one’s own
biography—a physical, accumulation of experiences held and remembered. The body tends to either fight, flight, or numb itself when it perceives something as a threat.
These unprocessed experiences can leave us feeling scattered and unable to sit with the
discomfort. It is within these moments where we begin to experience separation from ourselves. Different voices begin to take on a narrative, and it feels like our internal world is disembodied. These works use the body to depict the feeling of being out of touch with oneself. The subconscious desire to separate in the first place, presents as a psychological paradox which acts as a simultaneous cry to come home to ourselves, despite it feeling impossible to do so. The search or longing that can exist from fragmentation, is ultimately a call back to home.

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