Litha - Children of the Sun: Creeping Genni

Sun. June 11th 2023 - Sat. July 1st 2023
As an artist, my goal is to capture the essence of the subject in my craft, working with concepts that explore otherworldly creatures and playing upon the links they have to our reality. I believe art is bringing to surface the inner workings of a person, their fingerprints, but not just in a literal sense. It exhibits a style that is unique to the creator and makes their personalized mark visible. It’s a way of transforming the inner tastes and experiences of a person into a concrete body of work which is then able to be shared with the world.
I work with local suppliers to source the wool, gemstones, and sediments that go into my sculptures and paints. My creations are full of spirit—from the fingerprints in the clay, to the beautiful imperfections that put passion and care into every single piece of art I make.

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