Anna Bald Eagles at Ministry of Casual Living

As a kid did you ever catch bugs and make little homes for them?
or maybe your hamster had a tube route of toilet paper rolls to go nuts in.
or maybe you had an aunt whose house was dominated by an elaborate cat jungle made from bits of the ugliest carpet in the world, covering platforms, ladders and staircases.

well, CANDOMINIUM has shades of that.
shades of being broke and
shades of a nostalgia
for nesting,
for transience,
for Victoria,
for halifax.

if i could, i would shrink you all down and take you with me.
come see what i mean.
bring your friends - bring my friends!
just come.

the show will run from September 21st till October 1st.
then I'm packing it all up and moving to Nova Scotia.
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Produced by: Exhibit-v
Posted: Nov. 27, 2015