Stsǫǫ Oma Tjitske shah kut, sh’kut łuuk delt’äl

Sun. January 21st 2024 - Sat. January 20th 2024
@  The Ministry of Casual Living Free (All Ages)
1pm - 4pm doors at 1pm

Other Dates / Times

Jan. 20, 2024 3pm doors at 3pm
Jan. 27, 2024 1pm doors at 1pm
Jan. 28, 2024 1pm doors at 1pm
Feb. 3, 2024 1pm doors at 1pm
Feb. 4, 2024 1pm doors at 1pm
The Ministry of Casual Living is please to present "Stsǫǫ Oma Tjitske shah kut, sh’kut łuuk delt’äl", an exhibition by our January artist Teresa Vander Meer-Chassé.

Like the salmon, the artist’s heritage traverses across vast amounts of territory. Having grown up as a mixed-race person knowing all of her grandparents, as well as two great-grandparents; the artist narrates the special bond she has with her late-Great-Grandma Teresa, who she called Oma. Through the discovery of a house robe her Oma had crocheted into a pillow, the artist undergoes an ever-changing reconstruction of the robe as a symbol for the interconnections she has with her Oma that spans across time, memory, and worlds.

Teresa Vander Meer-Chassé is a proud Niisüü member of White River First Nation from Beaver Creek, Yukon and Alaska. She is an Upper Tanana, Frisian, and French visual artist, emerging curator, and holds a Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Studio Arts. Her artistic practice is invested in the awakening of sleeping materials, processing of natural materials, and the (re)animation of found objects that speak to her identity.

Please join us Opening night January 20th from 3pm to 7pm at the Ministry of Casual Living located at 750 Fairfield Avenue. Our accessible access is located at our east wing entrance. Please ring doorbell. This event is unmissable!

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