Matsu's Forest of Dreams

Friday Dec. 17th 2021
Tool Use and FILM + SOUND present: Matsu's Forest of Dreams
An intimate album release with Prince Shima and guests...

"Matsu's Forest of Dreams" is a concept album originally conceived as a sleep salve and dream guide for Prince Shima's infant nephew, who he has yet to meet due to Covid rest... Read More
By Donation
8:00 - 11:00 doors at 7:00
@  The Ministry of Casual Living

Plentitude: Between Waking and Dreams Series

Sunday Dec. 12th 2021 until Sun. January 2nd
This series began in late 2021 and primarily drew upon a line of inquiry into materiality and process. Working on unstretched canvas, layers of clay and oil were built up and stripped away to their residuals, in sequence leaving behind imprints of memory and a raw tonality of the materials. Together... Read More

Inward and Outward

Sunday Nov. 21st 2021 until Sun. December 12th
This mixed media piece (2m x 0.55m) is a self portrait. It is about my awareness which focuses on my mind, spirit and self, while also paying attention to nature and the universe. This allowed me to embrace my inner thoughts, feelings and moods, in tandem with the ever-changing world events.
The le... Read More

Film + Sound presents: Video Mix Tapes

Wednesday Oct. 27th 2021 until Wed. November 10th
The Video Mix Tapes series began during Covid to provide a space for local artists to share work with each other in real life. Featuring recent experiments, finished pieces and collaborations by local film and sound artists, these collections originally screened in the Ministry of Casual Living park... Read More

T I M E Q U A K E (2.0): Tamar Zehava Tabori

Thursday Oct. 14th 2021 until Sun. October 24th
Tamar Zehava Tabori | 5 min | Canada | 2021

T I M E Q U A K E (2.0) shares a name with the novel by Kurt Vonnegut, whose science-fiction worlds build upon an already dystopian reality with dark humour and wit. The invented term refers to a disturbance in the flow of time. Two decades after the no... Read More

MoCL Summer Artist Residency

Saturday Sep. 25th 2021
We are excited to announce the Ministry of Casual Living’s second Summer Artist Residency! Throughout the summer, invited artists will work within the space for two weeks followed by an "open studio" where members of the public are invited to engage with the artists and check out their works in pr... Read More
1 - 5 doors at 1

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Jun. 19, 2021 1 doors at 1
Jul. 3, 2021 1 doors at 1
Jul. 17, 2021 1 doors at 1
Jul. 28, 2021 1 doors at 1
Jul. 31, 2021 1 doors at 1
Aug. 14, 2021 1 doors at 1
Sep. 11, 2021 1 doors at 1
@  The Ministry of Casual Living

in between daydreams: Emily Geen

Saturday Sep. 18th 2021 until Sat. October 9th
Growing up, my mom would doodle on scrap paper while she chatted on the phone. I would doodle in the margins of my notepad during class. Assignments would come back with stickers for a job well done. Glittery, girlish stickers would adorn my bedroom vanity mirror and the backseat car windows. This p... Read More

Just an Address: Lukas Mouka

Monday Aug. 30th 2021 until Sat. September 18th
Lukas Mouka is a Czech-Canadian painter currently based in Campbell River, British Columbia. Over his career a unique style has evolved to incorporate diverse influences from a range of disciplines, cultures, geographies and eras into a single voice. With work that frequently situates the human figu... Read More

Film + Sound Presents: VIDEO MIXTAPES III

Friday Aug. 13th 2021
FREE Outdoor film screening Aug 13, 9pm
@ Ministry of Casual Living 858 Devonshire Rd, Victoria B.C.

Film + Sound presents: VIDEO MIXTAPES III
This collection features seven experimental collaborative shorts created over the course of two months (Feb-April 2021) by emerging film and sound art... Read More
9:00 doors at 8:30
@  The Ministry of Casual Living

Convergence: Emma Fang

Sunday Aug. 8th 2021 until Mon. August 30th
In “Convergence”, traditional realism and abstraction is juxtaposed to reframe our view of the world. Drawn with meticulous detail, all the individual marks work together to give the illusion of a more whole image. Emma’s drawing practice utilizes biomorphic and curvilinear lines to create dep... Read More

Esquimalt Urban Arts Crawl

Saturday Aug. 7th 2021
Our gallery is a stop on this summer's Esquimalt Urban Arts Crawl! Stop by to get a sneak peek of what our artist in residence Doug Thoms has been working on in the first week of his residency.

Image: "Crisis Actor" by Doug Thoms (2021)
Doug Thoms is a contemporary figurative painter and collag... Read More
11 - 3 doors at 11
@  The Ministry of Casual Living

Why did the Ocean Roar: Sol Reeve

Monday Jul. 19th 2021 until Sat. August 7th
Why did the Ocean Roar? is a diorama of sea creatures made of repurposed plastic consumer items. The original objects were found in various sections of thrift stores including toys, kitchenware, and party supplies. A good sub title for this exhibition might be “you can’t make this up” because... Read More

Sara Korzec/Sigma

Saturday Jun. 26th 2021 until Sun. July 18th
Sara Korzec is an artist and a designer working with various new and traditional media, experimental architecture and sustainable design. She holds a M.Arch. from Cracow University of Technology and M.F.A. from Academy of Fine Arts in the Intermedia Department, both in Krakow, PL .

She divid... Read More

MRKT/MAYD: Space Blanket Society

Tuesday Jun. 1st 2021 until Fri. June 25th
MRKT/MAYD is a comprehensive collection of handmade goods created by youth aged 11 - 24. Based in Victoria BC, we are cultivating a creative community by supporting a diversity of makers working in a wide range of disciplines. Our goal is to establish a youth-led collective for artists to connect, e... Read More

Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival

Saturday May. 1st 2021 until Mon. May 31st
The only Pacific Rim film festival in the world returns for our 9th annual showcase of short films from near and far!

An entire month of online screenings and events

50 short films in 10 on-demand programs

Dozens of filmmakers representing over 25 regions around the Pacific Rim

... Read More

Love: James Ascher

Sunday Apr. 18th 2021 until Fri. April 30th
I attempt to connect my inner landscape of emotions, dreams, and memories with nature and our connection with the outer world and nature. Starting with sketches done on-site, and then working with oil paint, I attempt to simplify the image into more basic shapes and colours, looki... Read More

Variegated Sweets: Rachel Vanderzwet

Sunday Mar. 28th 2021 until Sun. April 18th
Vanderzwet approaches her practice with curiosity and a desire to explore the complexity and allure of contemporary visual culture. Unabashed in her approach to imagery, which is often fraught with what she terms “bubble gum” qualities, her work is bright and cheeky, loud and alluring, energetic... Read More

Sweet Dreams: Angus Ferguson

Sunday Mar. 7th 2021 until Sun. March 28th
Sweet Dreams, 2021, oil on canvas, found object and wood on window, approx. 42” x 54” x 6”

“Sweet Dreams” is a composite of sculpture, painting and found objects; a small painting of an idyllic home floating on a discarded window holding a remnant of domestic kitsch. The work is from a ... Read More

Two Paintings: Trish Shwart

Sunday Feb. 14th 2021 until Sun. March 7th
Trish Shwart’s recent work focuses on the connection she feels to particular places in the natural world. The climate emergency is a very real consideration in all of her work and she acknowledges the conflict of feeling linked to nature while acknowledging she is part of a society that threatens ... Read More

Second Wave: Todd Lambeth

Sunday Jan. 24th 2021 until Sun. February 14th
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 48"x34", 2020

“Second Wave” is a painting from a recent body of work by the artist Todd Lambeth. In this series, Todd appropriates logos and designs from moving trucks, bank logos, and optical illusion illustrations. Influenced by historical abstraction... Read More

Oneiric Demesne: June Higgins

Sunday Jan. 3rd 2021 until Sun. January 24th
Acrylic on Canvas
48" x 48"

Artist Statement
My paintings reflect my keen interest in pattern. It is a method of communication, adorning buildings, housewares, clothing and bodies since prehistory – an intriguing part of human expression.
Using a projector and ornamental details from a... Read More

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